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Self Propelled Crane Barges

Details of the vessel.

The vessel has a length of 58.5m  x Breath of 24m x Dept of 4.8m – Draft – 3m,

GRT 2257 DWT 2601, Built India, Year 2012

The Crane Barge is Self Propelled –

M/E 2x 400HP  Deck mounted Propulsion ( Italy draghe, Italy make, with Volvo Engines).

The Crane is a Macgregor K 3036 – lifting 30MT ( Grab Mode) at a distance of 35m from the base centre. We have used the crane for loading and unloading bulk cargo from vessels of up to 180,000MT ( Cape Sized). It is equipped with a 11CBM Iron Ore Grab and a 22CBM Coal Grab.

The vessel is equipped with 2 Cummins Gensets of 1080KVA, Each able to run the crane independently, with a load bank for reverse current. Harbour Genset of 135KVA and a standby genset of 25KVA.

The vessel has a crew compliment of 15.

Location INDIA

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