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For Sale 3000 DWT Cargo Vessel China Built 2004

Type of the vessel Multipurpose vessel
Completed date June 03rd 2004
Overall length 81.50 m
Length 75.00 m
Length of load waterline 77.30 m
Breadth 12.60 m
Depth moulded 6.50 m
Light load draft 2.660 m
Full load draft 5.400m
Full load displacement 4129.000 t
Light load displacement 1856.750 t
Navigation area Coastal waters
Business trading area A1+A2
Material of hull Steel
Material of deck Steel
Container capacity: 100 teu
No. of watertight horizontal bulkheads 6
Structure type mixed frame type
No. of cargo holds 2
Referent cargo capacity 2906 t
Place of double bottom Fr. 28-117
Place of water entrance angle Upper cargo hold
No. of outfitting 538
No. of anchors 3
No. of windlasses 1
Main engine: G6300ZC14BH, 735.00kw, 400rmp, Feb 01st 2004, Wuxi diesel engine
Gross tonnage 1960
Net tonnage 1097

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