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For Sale Cargo Vessel, Self Discharge for fine sand & crashed stone, 5k DWT, Japan Built 1994

GENERAL CARGO SHIP Self Discharge for fine sand & crashed stone

l   Place of Origin: JAPAN

l   Builder: (日本 常石造船有限公司 TSUNEISHI S.B. JAPAN) in July, 1994/Japan

l   Class: CR

l   Date of completed conversion for carry FINE SAND & CRASHED STONE 18th November, 2015

l   DWT: 5460tons

l   Gross Tonnage: 4745tons

l   Net tonnage: 1650tons

l   Displacement Tonnage: 7837tons

l   Length: 96.15m-L.O.A. (87m-L.B.P.)

l   Breah: 17.20m

l   Depth: 11.50m

l   Draft: Full load: 6.725m(Summer/Mid) Light ship: 2.359m

l   Hull Material: Steel

l   Tween decker made in Japan

l   DECK CRANE: Three units SWL 20tons

l   Two cargo holds

l   No.1 hold: 3255.04 M3

l   N0.2 hold: 6129.67 M3

l   Kind of hatch cover: Single pull / Porton

l   Discharging type: Selp-unload conveyor with bulldozer

l   Discharging speed: fine sand 700T/H 3/8″& 6/8″ crushed stone 800T/H       

l   Main propulsion power HANSHIN 6LU40 2800BHP(2060kw) 6cylinders

(Distance 640m/m stroke x D 400m/m bore)

l   R.P.M.: M.C.O. 2800BHP/300rpm

C.O.R. 2380BHP/284rpm

l   Generator type & number: YANMAR diesel, 165L-HT, 360ps, 1200rpm x 3 sets

No. of cyl x bore x str: 6x165mmx210mm

l   Electric power: A.C. 445V, 60HZ, 240kw, 380KVA x 3 sets

l   MIURE boiler type: VWH-600E pressure: 8.0kg/cm2

l   Ship’s speed & consumption:

l   On sea: 11KTS: A/0.8 C/8 T/D

l   In port: LDG/DIS(A): 1.0/1.5+0.3 T/D

IDLE: (A): 0.75 T/D

l   Kind of fuel oil: A/C 92.4m3/332.89m3

l   CPTY F/W: 361.61m3

l   Ballast: 1624.94m3

l   Officer on board:8

l   Crew on board:9      

l   Certificate of classification expiry in July 14,2018

l   Vessel still trading in very good condition

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