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12,000 Fully Self Propelled CRANED for SALE

We can develop for SALE a 12.000 ton fully revolving self-propelled heavy lift vessel with 380 crew accommodation.

For the development of offshore oil and gas fields and deepwater salvage project, the yard has developed 12000T fully revolving self propelled heavy lift vessel (FRSPHLV).

It is designed with self-propelled, anchoring positioning/DP capability, and will be use to load and discharge the large body, module, jacket, pipe frame etc.

It is suitable for lifting operation in depth water and the operational area will be include, East China Sea, South China Sea, North Sea, Middle East, South-East Asia, Indian Ocean, Mexico Gulf, West of Africa, etc.

Main Technical Parameters

Principal Particulars
Length Overall: 297.55m
Breadth Moulded: 58.00m
Depth Moulded: 28.80m
Navigation Draft: 13.50m
Operation Draft: 17.60m
Service Speed: 12kn
Accommodation: 380P (crew72P, worker308P)
Class Notation: ABS, A1 (E) HEAVYLIFT VESSEL

Main Engine: 21120KW x 1 set B&W 7S80MC
Main Diesel Generator Set:
7000kw x 8 sets MAN B&W 14 V32/40
Navigation Generator Set: 1040kW x 2
Harbor Generator Set: 1050kWx1
Emergency Generator Set: 500kWx 1
Thruster: 2750kw x 2 sets tunnel thruster
3250kw x 4 sets ABB Azipod CZ1400
3800kw x 6 sets Rolles-Royce

Positioning Anchor Winch
Pull Force140t
Wire Rope83mm x3000m

Main crane: 12000MT@54m(stern)
Hoisting height above waterline: 123.0 m
Auxiliary hook: 1600MT@120m(stern)
Hoisting height above waterline: 149.2 m

Price, location, owners etc. shall be made available against named clients.

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